Biden would beat Trump by six points in a hypothetical matchup in 2024

U.S. President Joe Biden would lead former President Donald Trump by six points in a hypothetical presidential showdown in 2024, according to a poll conducted by YouGov.

In the poll, 48 percent of people have responded that they would vote for Biden “if the 2024 election were held today,” while 42 percent would vote for Trump.

In this way, Biden’s popularity maintains its growth after increasing by three points in a survey conducted by the same consultancy, while support for the former Republican president is maintained.

The growing advantage of the president over his predecessor comes after the speech he gave last week and in which he lambasted Trump and his supporters, accusing them as “a danger to democracy”, as collected by ‘The Hill’.

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In addition, the current president’s legislative successes in recent weeks have pushed Biden’s approval up from historic lows in early 2022, when the president counted 43 percent approval.

Last month, 43 percent of Democrats surveyed responded that Biden should not run for re-election, while in the latest poll the figure has risen to 44 percent.

Trump has slipped on several occasions the possibility of running again as the Republican Party candidate in the 2024 elections, although for now he has not taken the step. Biden, for his part, also seems likely to repeat.

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