Biden reaches 38 percent approval rating, the lowest since he has been U.S. president

The president of the United States, Joe Biden, has obtained a 38 percent approval of his management among Americans, according to a survey published Monday by CNN, which also indicates that 62 percent of the citizens suspend the current tenant of the White House.

The approval rating of the current president of the United States is the lowest of his mandate, especially in terms of the management of the economy (only 30 percent approve), or inflation (only 25 percent value it positively).

In this regard, rising costs are viewed by Americans as “one of the top economic pressures for most Americans”: 75 percent rate inflation and the cost of living as the most important economic issues facing their families. Last summer the figure was 43 percent.

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These data have been collected with only a few months to go before the mid-term elections. If such elections were held today, Biden’s position among the public would not only not have improved, but they would also have lost the confidence of some Democratic voters, according to the network.

As the midterm elections approach, polls show no sign that Biden’s standing with the public is improving, and in some key groups, it is worsening, the network said.

Specifically, Biden’s approval numbers have softened among their ranks as well: his administration is only approved by 62 percent of Democrats, while 71 percent rated him highly previously. And as for inflation, he barely comes out on top (51 percent of Democrats approve, 47 percent disapprove).

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Among racialized people, 45 percent now approve of Biden’s overall performance, down from 54 percent in the spring. That decline includes a six-point drop among black adults and a nine-point drop among Hispanic adults.

Twelve percent of respondents rate the Biden Administration’s performance as “very good.” Among his voters, the figure rises to 28 percent, while among Republicans, the disapproval rate is 84 percent.

Just before his inauguration, 59 percent of those polled had a favorable opinion of Biden and 51 percent of Kamala Harris. Now, those numbers are 36 percent and 32 percent, respectively.


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