Apple prepares the first SIM-free iPhone variants in autumn

Apple has accustomed us over the years to removing components and (sometimes) capabilities from its devices. It seems that before they ditch the Lightning port, which could be replaced next year with USB-C and in the future even MagSafe, there’s one more component in the iPhone that may disappear as early as this year: the SIM card, with certain iPhone 14 models being prepared that work exclusively with eSIM.

SIM card may be dropped by Apple on certain iPhone 14 models

According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple could launch certain iPhone 14 models this fall dedicated to only a few regions without a physical SIM card. The new phones could use only eSIM, a component that’s already built into most of the company’s phones from the past 3 years. The advantage of this switch from physical to electronic SIM would be the elimination of the cutout in the case, which could mean better structural strength of the device, as well as better protection against water.

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Users would also be able to change their number, network or tariff plan without having to go to a telecom operator’s centre and change their physical card. Incidentally, all iPhones today have this capability, but they also have the physical SIM option. The new models, however, could have dual-SIM functionality via eSIM only.

Removing the SIM slot could also bring more space inside the devices, which could provide a larger battery or more chips for internal storage. From the telecom operators’ point of view, other benefits could be dedicated security updates to their networks, which could reach all users quickly.

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Of course, there are drawbacks, such as moving a card quickly from one phone to another, a process that is still quite complicated. The first iPhone models without a physical SIM card are expected in the US, as Apple has reportedly already told carriers to get ready to support them.

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