Berlusconi anticipates his possible return to Parliament after almost ten years

Italy’s former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi has admitted that he is “thinking” about running for senator in September’s legislative elections, in what would be his return to Parliament almost ten years after he last held elected office.

“A great many people are pressuring me, not only from Forza Italia,” Berlusconi explained in an interview to public radio in which he all but confirmed that he will be on the conservative party’s lists despite the scandals of recent years.

Forza Italia is part of a large right-wing bloc headed by Giorgia Meloni’s Brothers of Italy and Matteo Salvini’s League. This potential alliance appears as a favorite for the elections, with Meloni’s formation leading in the polls.

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The leader of Brothers of Italy has claimed on several occasions her right to head the future Executive and Berlusconi has also recognized it on Wednesday. The former prime minister has confirmed that the bloc will propose as prime minister “whoever has the most votes”. “If it is Gioegia Meloni, I am convinced that she will be the right one for this difficult task,” he added.

Berlusconi’s political resume has been intimately linked in recent years to a succession of trials in which he has been accused of numerous crimes, from tax fraud to witness tampering in relation to the parties he organized in his Milan mansion.

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However, no sentence against him has ended up definitively knocking him down and Berlusconi, in fact, has continued in the front line even after the evident deterioration of his health condition, even trying to become earlier this year president of Italy.

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