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Belgium withdraws the latest travel restrictions and the obligation to wear a mask on public transport



The use of a mask on public transport in Belgium will no longer be mandatory as a coronavirus prevention measure from next Monday, the date on which the latest restrictions on non-essential travel, such as the obligation to quarantine or test, will also be lifted. diagnoses, as announced this Friday by the Government.

The authorities consider that the epidemiological situation allows these measures to be deactivated and the use of a mask will only be imposed in hospitals, pharmacies and health centers, although its use is still recommended in situations where it is not possible to respect the minimum distance of one and a half meters. .

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In the case of non-essential trips, until now subject to conditions such as vaccination certificates, tests or quarantines, they are no longer discouraged and all the restrictions linked to these trips fall.

Only if a traveler arrives in Belgium from a region where a variant of coronavirus considered to be of concern has been located, must they meet entry conditions.

The reproduction rate of the virus remains below 1 and about 80% of the population has received a dose of vaccine against the pandemic, 60% two doses, data that the authorities have taken into account when relaxing the measures.

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