Zelenski says Ukraine “cannot be intimidated” after Russian shelling of several Ukrainian cities

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Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelenski assured Monday that Ukraine “cannot be intimidated” after Russia’s shelling of Kiev and other cities in the country that has claimed the lives of at least 12 people.

“Ukraine cannot be intimidated. It can only unite us even more. Ukraine will not stop. (This serves) only to convince us even more that terrorists must be neutralized,” the Ukrainian leader said in his daily message to the country’s population.

Zelensky has condemned the attacks launched by Russia on several Ukrainian cities and called them “typical terrorist tactics,” while maintaining that the shelling was intended to “instill fear.”

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In this sense, he has maintained that the Kremlin lies in assuring that it has reached “all the planned targets”: “They lie, as always. Look at their ‘real goals’, the intersection in Kiev where I am (…). That is the target,” Zelensky emphasized, showing in a video a normal street in the Ukrainian capital.

Also, the Ukrainian president has pointed out that out of 84 Russian missiles launched against the Ukrainian territory, 43 have been shot down. In addition, out of 24 Russian drones, 13 have been shot down.

All in all, he has pointed out that the security forces are doing “everything possible” to restore normal production and electricity supply, claiming that electricity is needed in every family, regardless of “any manifestations of Russian terror.”

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Following the Russian shelling on Monday, the regions of Chernobyl, Sumy, Lviv, Lviv, Ternopolis, Ternopil, Dnipropetrovsk and Kiev, as well as the city of Kiev, have suffered partial or complete power outages.

“We need power to reach all our homes, in all areas,” said Zelenski, who called on Ukrainians to make “reasonable consumption of electricity.”

“There are peak load hours in the power system: from 17.00 hours to 22.00 hours. I ask you very much, please, at this time, consume electricity in such a way as not to overload the power system. Postpone washing, ironing, repair and use of other energy-consuming electrical appliances from 17.00 to 22.00 hours,” the President of Ukraine has asked.

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