Basic income for everyone: ChatGPT boss is already working on it

The data of your eyes against a basic income?  A good deal?  (Image: Adobe Stock design)

The data of your eyes against a basic income? A good deal? (Image: Adobe Stock / lassedesignen)

How wonderful would it be to get a basic income of several hundred or even thousands of euros every month? Many (though not all) money worries would vanish into thin air and you could decide for yourself whether you wanted to work extra or spend your time with hobbies or travel.

The name Sam Altman is mostly heard in connection with OpenAI and their AI bot ChatGPT. But the CEO has other topics on his mind in addition to artificial intelligence.

He is determined to give us a universal basic income. But for that he wants to scan our irises. This is the Worldcoin project.

Basic income and a proof of humanity

Sam Altman has been working on the Worldcoin project since 2019, which has two goals.

The first goal: In times of artificial intelligence, according to Altman, one must be able to better distinguish between humans and machines. For this you should scan your retina and create a so-called World ID. In return, you will allegedly be paid with the cryptocurrency Worldcoin – »[…] because you are unique individuals«.

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The second goal: The introduction of a kind of universal basic income. The project’s founders believe that artificial intelligence will bring about an “era of abundance” in the coming years. Through the Worldcoin everyone should participate.

How can I participate?

The orb that is supposed to scan your retina to be able to better distinguish you from an AI in the future.  (Image: Twitter A2Z Crypto Investment)

The orb that is supposed to scan your retina to be able to better distinguish you from an AI in the future. (Image: Twitter / A2Z Crypto Investment)

The Worldcoin has been in a test phase since 2022 and is scheduled to be officially launched this summer.

In order to participate in the project, you will have to scan your iris with a small gadget called an orb. After the scan, your so-called World-ID stored, which identify you as an individual and distinguish you from AIs.

At the moment there are no orbs in Germany. Those involved are working on it.

A separate wallet for Worldcoin

The Worldcoin also comes with its own crypto wallet (an account where you store your cryptocurrencies). The World app is already available for download and should be able to be used for fee-free transactions as long as you have deposited a World ID.

How is the system financed?

At the moment the financing is still running through the Worldcoin Foundation. Later, the project should finance itself. How exactly this is supposed to happen is not described in detail on the website.

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The Financial Times reports that the project is on the verge of raising nearly $100 million from new and old investors.

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Privacy advocates criticize the project

Although Sam Altman has promised that iris scans will be deleted after each scan, there are some who are unenthusiastic about the idea.

Edward Snowden, for example, tweeted the following shortly after the 2021 project was announced:

»Don’t catalogue Eyeballs«

In English: “Don’t catalog eyeballs”

Doubts about crypto

Last year was a difficult one for the crypto industry. 2022 saw some crashes. FTX in particular has been hit hard. That certainly didn’t increase confidence in the scene. However, the large sum that is now being invested in the project could counteract this.

An exciting project that could change the world if it goes the way Sam Altman envisions it. Will you sign up for the project as soon as the orbs are also available in Germany? Write it to us in the comments!

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