Barcelona organizes a major meeting on post-pandemic depression

The Barcelona City Council will organize, in collaboration with the Broadcaster production company, the first major dialogue on depressive disorder after the covid-19 pandemic. The meeting, which will feature voices and testimonies from different fields, will be held next Tuesday 13th December at 6 p.m. at the Centre Cívic Pati Llimona (Regomir Street, 3).

The meeting will be held under the theme. ‘Parlem de depressió'[Wetalkaboutdepressionand will bring together first-person testimonies (i.e., people who suffer or have suffered from this disease), as well as that of different organizations involved in the fight for mental health. All together at a table will discuss how depression is experienced and what treatment services a city in Barcelona has to offer.

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The mayor Ada Colau will open the event. Barcelona is the first municipality to have a statewide mental health plan. In addition, at the beginning of the event, an audiovisual presentation on depression in the city will be screened by the production company Broadcaster, which is working on a more extensive documentary (‘Anhedònia: dins la depressió’).

The meeting will be attended by entities such as Salut Mental Catalunya or Obertament Catalunya, municipal and Generalitat representatives, as well as psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses and members of the Petita i Mitjana empresa (Pimec).

The aim of this first major Barcelona dialogue on depression is to. transform and consolidate this experience into a model to achieve a comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach of mental health problems.

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