Balthazar, headliner at the Living Rock festival in Tuzla: where to buy tickets

The Living Rock Festival will take place on the weekend of August 19-21, on Tuzla beach. Unlike the first two editions, when Romanian artists were the headliners, this year, the Belgian indie pop-rock band Balthazar will also appear on the Black Sea stage.

The Belgians will sing songs from their hit albums: “Sand” and “Fever”, the first mentioned being their latest album, completed in full pandemic. Numerous restrictions have pushed artists to adapt and experiment, both in terms of sound and style itself.

“We really wanted to bring in a band from abroad this year as well. It was a natural addition to our alternate line-up, and the Balthazar boys were delighted to end their summer on Tuzla Beach. Otherwise, we want Living Rock to keep its air relaxed, and the audience, who come for music and vibe, to meet their favorite Romanian artists from the local underground “, said Ilinca Ghișoiu, representative of Magnetic Dream Events, organizer of Living Rock Festival in Tuzla.

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Who else will go on stage with Balthazar at Living Rock

Along with Balthazar, Luiza Zan, one of the most important jazz figures in Romania, Bogdan Simion, a collector of traditional music, also a fiddler, but also a Silent Strike, will take the stage. These are just some of the local names that will delight the public at the end of August.

Like last year, during the three days of the festival, greening actions will be organized, tours around the surroundings with guides and birdwatching sessions for bird lovers. Those who come to the festival will be able to camp in the shade of wild olive trees and will have relaxation and play areas for the little ones.

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The Living Rock Festival is the only alternative festival by the sea and aims to promote the underground scene in Romania, but also to support artists in the area of ​​alternative rock.

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