New study argues that beer glasses are a myth -.

The urban myth of beer glasses states that drunk or intoxicated people often find “less attractive” people attractive. The idea is that when you’ve had a few drinks, your concept of attraction is altered, but a new study seems to suggest otherwise.

According to Sky News, the study saw 18 pairs of male friends in their 20s taken to a laboratory to rate a number of people they saw in photos and videos. The pairs were brought to the lab twice, once to drink a few drinks and rate people, and another time to just consume non-alcoholic beverages before being rated, and after the study was completed, researchers found that blood alcohol levels had no effect on a person’s perception of attractiveness.

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What the study did prove is that alcohol made individuals more confident and likely to take a chance on someone they considered the most attractive of the bunch after a few drinks.

Do you agree with these findings?

New study argues that beer glasses are a myth

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