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Bad news for Marvel fans: the series that will disappear from Netflix


Disney’s collaboration with Netflix actually ended years ago, but now the series itself is disappearing from the streaming service, for now, at least.

As noted on What’s on Netflix, the streaming service warns viewers that the original Marvel series for Netflix will be gone from March 1. If you haven’t watched series like Daredevil, Jessica Jones and The Punisher before, you’d better watch them as soon as possible. Specifically, by the end of the month.

Engadget has confirmed that the series is disappearing from Netflix, now that the Marvel license has expired.

It is unclear whether or when the series will return to a Disney-owned service. Withdrawal is not exactly a shock. Disney will focus on the Disney + streaming service.

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Internationally, the series will probably appear on Disney + soon, given that it is currently home to all Marvel productions.

Netflix has entered the crosshairs of hackers: the warning given by the FBI

Another piece of bad news for Netflix is ​​that it has come under the scrutiny of hackers. The warning came directly from the FBI.

Netflix is ​​currently the most popular and popular online streaming platform. Certainly, this trend will continue in the future, since the movies and series published here record, day by day, new and new records.

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Moreover, the streaming platform managed to “receive” the most nominations at this year’s Oscars, most of the praise being directed to the production of “The Power of the Dog”, in which we can see in the lead roles Benedict Cumberbatch, Kirstin Dunst and Jesse Plemons.

And since the Netflix account is installed on TVs, tablets, and even phones these days, this has piqued the interest of hackers, so they are now focusing on this topic.

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