Say goodbye to used cars in Romania: drivers hoped this wouldn’t happen, but it was inevitable

In the context of increasing prices for all consumer goods and services, Romanian drivers hoped that at least the second-hand vehicle market would not be affected by inflation. The inevitable happened, however, to the severe disappointment of those who planned to buy a used car this year.

A study that analyzed the evolution of prices on the market of shocked used cars revealed that they became so expensive that they ended up exceeding the catalog prices for a new model.

Basically, it is more convenient to buy a new car, than a used one, from the second-hand market in our country.

Drivers are disappointed

Due to the explosive demand in the market, the prices have escalated, say the representatives of the car industry. Last year, Romanians bought almost 400 thousand used cars, an increase of 4% compared to 2020.

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More and more Romanians have gone to the area of ​​used vehicles, given that the major car manufacturers have problems in the supply chains and thus there are delays even for several months in deliveries. On the other hand, there were other factors in the accelerated rise in prices. For example, used car stocks are severely affected and limited, due to persistent traffic restrictions around the world in response to the global health crisis.

There are many voices among drivers who say that, in fact, they did not expect to be kidnapped and the chance to change their car this year. However, although we are going through multiple crises, and car prices have exploded, when it comes to buying a car, even a used one, Romanians are still turning to established and luxury brands. Thus, the official reports show us that the most popular brands were Volswagen, Audi and BMW. In 2021, a total of 240,000 online ads were published on the Internet. Most sales were recorded in March (almost 25,000) and the fewest in December (less than 16,000).

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That being said, we can say that Romanians can say goodbye to used cars, at least if they are not willing to pay for them small, unjustified fortunes.

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