Babylon 5 could return: what we know so far about the new series

Towards the end of last year, extremely important information was revealed to all fans of the “Babylon 5” series.

The famous film of the ’90s will have a revival, under the baton of its creator, J. Michael Straczynski, who also announced the first details.

Unfortunately, not long after, WarnerMedia announced that it was releasing the youth channel, thus jeopardizing the chance of the return of “Babylon 5”.

However, the bad news turned out to be good news, as today Straczynski testified to Patreon that CW chief Mark Pedowitz personally guaranteed that the small changes would not affect the future of the new series.

“Babylon 5” will be restored, but later than we would have expected in a first instance

We don’t know yet what stage the production of the new “Babylon 5” is in, but according to the information we have at the moment, according to J. Michael Straczynski, it could be released sometime in 2023, although initially , was scheduled to debut this year.

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“The project is on its feet,” he added, though “we’ll have to wait a little longer” to see it on screen.

It remains to be seen whether the changes in the channel will positively or negatively impact future production and, especially, whether the year announced to mark the grand launch will remain the same in the future.

In conclusion, fans will have to wait until they witness the revival of this series. We can only hope that the new “Babylon 5” will not have the cruel fate of being metamorphosed like the new “Star Wars”, or even the new movies and series based on the successful franchise of Gene Roddenberry, “Star Trek”.

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“Babylon 5” ran on the small screens between 1993 and 1998, becoming, in record time, one of the favorite series of science-fiction breathers. The action of the series takes place sometime in the 23rd century.

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