Ayotzinapa students’ families demand scientific proof of victims’ whereabouts

A thousand people have demonstrated again this Friday in the streets of Mexico to remember that the struggle will not give up until the whereabouts of the 43 normalist students of Ayotzinapa are known.

Days after the report of the Truth and Access to Justice Commission recognized that the disappearance of the students of the Ayotzinapa case was a State crime, the relatives have indicated that they will not give up “in the struggle until they have full proof that indicates the whereabouts” of their children, the newspaper ‘La Jornada’ has reported.

“It will be painful for our families to know of their fate especially if it is lifeless, but if they give us objective, scientific and indubitable proof, we will go home to mourn them and live our mourning. To date we do not have these proofs, therefore our demand and struggle continue”, they explained, in declarations collected by the aforementioned newspaper.

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The relatives of the disappeared have pronounced themselves on the recent report, since they have urged the authorities to analyze with the greatest scientific objectivity the case in order to sustain the Government’s statements.

“We mothers and fathers need unquestionable scientific proof of the fate of our children, we cannot go home with preliminary indications that do not fully clarify where they are and what happened to them”, expressed Hilda Leguideño, mother of José Antonio Tizapa, during the demonstration held in Mexico City, according to ‘Milenio’.

In addition, the families have considered that it is a step forward that the authorities make public that this case is a State crime, since it is evidence that there was participation by the institutions. In this line, they have asked for investigations to be carried out with the consequent sanctions to the persons involved.

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“Murillo Karam conducted a murky, irregular investigation, plagued with torture, manipulation and sowing of evidence, thus building a lie that prevented us from knowing the whereabouts of our children,” the protesters have assured about the detention of the former Mexican prosecutor, then in charge of the investigation.

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