Tucker Carlson goes after heads of U.S. media after his resignation from Fox -.

A few days ago, Tucker Carlson, the most prolific news anchor for Fox News, was fired. Now he has broken his silence following his sudden departure from the program, and it seems he is not holding back.

In a video on Twitter, Carlson addresses his followers and addresses the leadership of the American media. “What you notice when you take some time off is how incredibly stupid most of the debates you see on television are. They are totally irrelevant”, he began.

“Our current orthodoxies will not last. Those in charge know this, which is why they are hysterical and aggressive. They have given up the power of persuasion. They resort to violence. Where can you still find Americans who say true things? There are not many places left, but there are a few, and that is enough. As long as you can hear the words, there is hope. When honest people say what is true, quietly and without embarrassment, they become powerful. At the same time, the liars who try to silence them shrink. They become weaker. That is the iron law of the universe. Real things triumph.”

Many followers of Carlson imagine that he will not go quietly into the night and that he will start his own show, whether available on another TV network or on his own platform. However, it certainly appears that we will not get the same Tucker who ranted about M &M’s on Fox News.

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Tucker Carlson goes after heads of U.S. media after being fired from Fox

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