Auchan tries the metaverse for recruitment

The French retailer has launched a campaign from recruitment on the metaverse with a first session dedicated to alternates. “We must edit our HR practices and adapt to new expectations “, claims Auchan Retail France.

The actors of the large-scale distribution play a leading role in the democratization of technologies, especially those of the Web3. The Casino group is thus experimenting with NFTs and the metaverse.

Picard announced this week the upcoming launch of its first token collection. Auchan Retail France is not to be outdone and is developing the use of the metaverse in the retail sector. recruitment. A few days earlier, the retailer made official a first hiring session.

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130 alternating students received in the metaverse

For this initiative, Auchan has chosen its campaign among the alternates. In the metaverse, or more precisely a ” minivers “, 130 candidates for work-study contracts met with 40 ambassadors and recruiters from the company.

This new recruitment pathway allows them more flexibility to meet our teams of ambassadors and recruiters. They can also access a lot of information about our jobs via videos,” claims Auchan.

Taking care of the employer image to recruit

The stakes for the brand are also those of image and competitiveness. Human resources needs are important. In France, Auchan plans to recruit 3,800 work-study students and 3,000 interns in 2023.

The meta-verse, while it does not allow for mass recruitment, helps to improve the employer’s image. Note that Carrefour also launched a similar initiative last year.

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Auchan is planning several immersive recruitment sessions in April and May. These sessions are aimed at retail managers and food service professionals. For this audience, the company will adapt its metaverse.

It plans “a unique universe, specially built to represent our in-store workshops”. To adapt its environments, Auchan relies on two partners of the corporate metaverse, Komodal and Manzalab.

Tailor-made minivers via Komodal and Manzalab

To join the virtual space, users create a personalized avatar after uploading a photo. The connection is made without a virtual reality headset, which makes it easy to use and removes the barriers to entry for VR.

Christophe Carreyre, deputy general manager in charge of the Human Project at Auchan Retail France, is satisfied with this first for the company in the metaverse.

Having a fluid, efficient and attractive candidate path is an imperative and we are constantly working to improve it,” he says.

“I am convinced that we must change our HR practices and adapt to the new expectations of candidates to recruit, train, manage… in a word, we must evolve!” he further emphasizes.

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