Two thieves stole $500,000 worth of Apple products through a toilet. VIDEO

Two thieves managed to steal goods worth 500,000 US dollars from an Apple Store in a shopping mall in the US city of Seattle. They broke into the store and stole 436 iPhones and several tablets and Apple Watches. The method by which they managed to gain access to the inside of the store during off-hours is amusing to say the least. The two created a hole in the toilet of the nearby cafe.

Thieves punched a hole in the wall of the Apple Store through the toilet of the neighbouring store

At first glance, the Apple Store and the coffee shop didn’t appear to be adjacent, but on the inside they shared a common wall. The thieves thus made a hole in the bathroom wall and entered the store’s interior without triggering the security systems. As the robbery was carried out at night, Apple and other store employees were not at work. There is security camera footage, which is currently in police possession.

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Since the thieves knew about the fact that the two stores shared a common wall and that the hole in the bathroom wall was made without cutting pipes or wires in the walls, they had a carefully laid plan. Police also found no fingerprints at the scene, suggesting that the perpetrators covered their tracks well to make them difficult to identify.

In the aftermath of the robbery, it wasn’t just Apple that was robbed of half a million dollars worth of goods, but the coffee shop as well. Seattle Coffee Gear suffered $1,500 in damages, which it will pay out of pocket to repair its broken door locks and the wall that was cut out to break into the Apple Store.

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Most likely, however, the stolen goods won’t be usable, even if they are sold on the black market. Apple has a well-thought-out system by which it can remotely disable any stolen Apple device that is connected to the internet. Since an Apple ID account is required for the first setup, there is no way to bypass this step, and Apple’s servers will identify stolen devices by serial number.

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