Neutron raises $10M for its Cosmos-based blockchain

Neutrona cross-chain smart contract platform dedicated to Cosmos Networkreceived a investment of $10 million from Binance Labs, Coinfund and others.

Neutron provides an infrastructure for developers easily create applications of the fifty or so blockchains interconnected within the network Cosmos taking advantage of the environment CosmWasm.

On Wednesday, the project announced a 10 million financing round led by investment giant Binance and US crypto VC Coinfund.

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Delphi Ventures, LongHash and Nomad also participated in the fundraising, according to a press release shared with

Neutron’s role as the first ‘consumer’ channel on Cosmos should play a central role in the growth and development of Cosmos and the ATOM economic zone,” trumpeted the project.

Early May, Neutron launched its mainnet. According to Alex Felix de CoinFundNeutron is the “missing link to bring Interblockchain Communication (IBC) from Cosmos to developers.

The funds raised will be used by Neutron to improve its solution and attract more participants to its network.

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“The Cosmos ecosystem has great potential and as the first ‘consumer’ channel, Neutron drives the development of secure, developer-friendly cross-chain infrastructures said Yi He, head of Binance Labs.

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