Apple will allow you to unlock Face ID with the face mask without the Apple Watch

iOS 15.3 was just released a few days ago, being rather a hasty update to quickly resolve vulnerabilities in Apple’s operating systems. However, it seems that iOS 15.4 will be the next version that will bring new capabilities on the iPhone. One of them is long awaited, since the beginning of the pandemic, when problems arose related to Face ID, which is not “compatible” with protective masks.

Face ID will be able to recognize faces even partially, for those who wear a mask

IOS testers have been given access to 15.4 beta 1, and it comes with a new capability, which should finally fix Face ID issues for users wearing masks. This seems to be the last step in the changes to the facial recognition system that have been made in the last two years.

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Initially, Apple phones were trying to recognize the face and it took a few seconds for the unlock code entry menu to appear. The company then instructed the system to bring the keyboard to the forefront as soon as it detects a mask on the user’s face. Most recently, however, Apple has partially solved the problem by giving Apple Watch users the ability to unlock the phone even with a face mask, as long as they have a watch on hand that confirms proximity to the user.

Now, Apple allows Face ID to only partially recognize face elements to unlock your phone. As long as you have your face already registered, the iPhone authentication system will only be able to recognize users’ faces using the features around their eyes. This authentication method is less secure, but it will save many users the frustration of unlocking their phones.

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Of course, Apple could implement a fingerprint sensor under the screen or in the power button (as it did on the iPad Air 4 and Mini 5), but the company refuses to offer two authentication options on a single device.

Also, this beta capability only works on certain iOS and iPadOS devices. While it seems to work on iPhone 12 and 13, on iPad Pro 2018 tablets, the first with Face ID, there is no such option.

source: The Verge

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