Samsung also leads the top smartphone sales in the first quarter of 2022

Defying the adverse conditions left by the COVID-19 pandemic, the semiconductor crisis and, more recently, the war waged by Russia against Ukraine, Samsung announces record deliveries in the smartphone market and revenues above expectations. In fact, the latter are also inflated by the accelerating inflation that has made its presence felt even in the economies of Western countries. Contrary to Samsung’s announced performance, the Android ecosystem is losing ground to iOS, especially in North America, where herd instincts and aspirations for a more comfortable user experience are urging consumers to simply buy an iPhone. any model.

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Although the year 2021 marked a return to smartphone sales, compared to the drop recorded at the beginning of the COVID pandemic, the increase was only accounted for by major players in the industry (eg Samsung and Apple), smaller manufacturers seeing their ambitions blocked by the lack essential semiconductor supplies and the unexpectedly high success of the above-mentioned brands. This trend seems to continue in 2022, widening the gap between the top brands and those that until recently seemed to ensure a bigger “slice” of the smartphone market.

Compared to its predecessor S21, it seems that S22 sales had a stronger start, but the performance seems to be more of a marketing ploy, with the absorption of the Galaxy Note fan base more or less artificially increasing Galaxy S sales. directing buyers to the new S22 Ultra.

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Keeping the “tradition”, Apple ranks second with lower sales in terms of numbers (18% market share, compared to 15% last year), but more valuable in terms of profit.

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