The motorcycle market did better than the car market: what the data for 2021 shows

The APIA report on motorcycle registrations for 2021 shows that last year was a good year for the motorcycle market segment.

Practically, 6,219 new motorcycles entered circulation, which translates into an increase of 6.9% compared to the previous year.

According to the Association of Automobile Manufacturers and Importers, the market for new motorcycles in 2021 has been evolving compared to 2020 in most months, except for the last quarter of the year.

Thus, the highest increase, of 267.1%, was registered in April, while the month with the largest decrease was December, -62.6%. At the same time, cumulative throughout the year, the motorcycle market recorded an overall growth of 6.9%.

By segment, APIA data shows increases in motorcycles, scooters and microcars, while the ATV area decreased by 10%. Out of the total of 6,219 new motorcycles registered in Romania in 2021, 2,718 were motorcycles, 521 scooters, 2,878 ATVs and 102 microcars.

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2020 vs 2021

By brands, in 2020 the market leader was BMW, with 395 units, Honda with 387 units, Kawasaki with 248 units and Yamaha with 230 units.

The top has undergone several changes in 2021 compared to 2020, so the best-selling new motorcycles in Romania belonged, equally, to the Honda and BMW brands, both with 562 units each. Yamaha, with 247 units, was ranked third, KTM with 232 units and Kawasaki with 170 units.

Most motorcycles were registered in Bucharest – 878, Ilfov – 136, Cluj – 113, Constanța – 95 and Brașov – 83 units.

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In the case of the other categories, the ranking remained largely unchanged.

The scooter category is dominated by the Piaggio brand, with 138 units, followed by Yamaha with 131 units and Honda with 80 units.

In the ATV segment, the leader was CF Moto with 2,038 units, Linhai was ranked with two units, with 447 units, and TGB with 198 units with three units.

In other words, compared to two years ago, in 2021 the motorcycle industry managed to sell 464 more units.

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