New information about Netflix subscription with ads. How much it costs, when it launches

A new article published by Bloomberg reveals some of the details about the new Netflix subscription that will also show ads before and during movies and shows. It will be cheaper, but not by much compared to the current basic subscription, called “Basic”. It will launch in just a handful of countries this year, with a roll-out in 2023.

Netflix could start new pricing plan before the end of the year

According to information published by Bloomberg, which appears to come from sources inside the company, a price for the new subscription has not yet been decided. It could, however, be only slightly cheaper than the basic $10 US plan, with the company ranging between $7 and $9 for the subscription with ads. If the difference is only a dollar, there’s a chance many customers won’t want to have a viewing experience interrupted by ads for such a small amount.

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As for the ads that will be shown, they will take up no more than four minutes per hour of viewing. Given that we get about 12 minutes of ads every hour on TV, Netflix seems like it will at least try to avoid frustrating users at first. As for the ads themselves, they will be in a rotation that will be similar for all users. There will be no ads based on user profiles, as we get on the internet or other video streaming services.

According to information already available, Netflix will not display ads during children’s programming or during its original movies on its ad-supported subscription. Also, this subscription won’t have the option to download and watch movies and series offline on a mobile device or PC. Basically, you can’t take the movies with you on the plane, as you can with all other available subscriptions.

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