Apple Watch fixes serious design flaws with watchOS 9.4

Along with iOS 16.4, Apple released watchOS 9.4 and rolled it out to beta testers. You can find out all the important new functions here.

Alarm clock function optimized

If you go to bed with your Apple Watch to monitor your sleep, you have probably already used the alarm clock function: No shrill beeping, but a vibration on your wrist will gently wake you up from your slumber.

Up to watchOS version 9.3, the alarm could be switched off by putting your hand on the watch, too cover to mute– called gesture.

This will no longer exist with watch OS 9.4.

Cover to Mute is too error prone

If alarm clocks have to be one thing, then they should be reliable. The problem with the actually clever gesture: Users accidentally turned off the alarm.

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Whether you grab your wrist while you’re half asleep or put your arm on the pillow: Far too often the clock took this as a command to switch off the alarm clock. With watchOS 9.4, that will no longer happen.

By the way, our colleague Alana found a wonderfully pleasant way to be woken up:

What else is new?

The current version comes with even more features, all of which are already available in Germany:

  • monthly cycle tracking with retrospective ovulation estimates and cycle deviation alerts are now supported in Moldova and Ukraine.
  • atrial fibrillation history will be available in Colombia, Malaysia, Moldova, Thailand and Ukraine

The feature for checking atrial fibrillation was particularly in focus at Apple. History provides an overview of when the heart has shown signs of atrial fibrillation. Of course, the Apple Watch can’t detect heart attacksbut users can detect irregularities and consult a doctor early.

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When will the update be available to everyone?

If no major bugs come up, we expect one Release period within the next week.

Additionally, iOS 16.4, iPadOS 16.4, macOS 13.3, and tvOS 16.4 are in beta. We also expect these versions for iPhone, iPad, iMac and Apple TV in the course of the next week.

I myself had an aversion to wristwatches, but the health features of the Apple Watch convinced me.

The Apple Watch is now a real beast with all sorts of functions. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a menstrual cycle or atrial fibrillation: the smartwatch helps you stay healthy. Do you wear a smartwatch yourself? Why did you buy them? Or do you check the time the good old way? Talk to us about it in the comments.

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