Apple announces new Apple Maps experience available in select European countries

Apple is expanding its most advanced version of Apple Maps to several European countries. The new Apple Maps experience is now available in the Netherlands, Belgium, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg and Switzerland.

With the new update, users can expect faster and more accurate navigation, more detailed graphics and maps, 3D representations for various, landmarks and more. The update also brings support for the “Siri Natural Language Guidance” feature, which Apple says “provides directions that sound better and are easier to follow.”

What are the main Apple Maps improvements:

  • Users can receive augmented reality-based wayfinding directions to follow using the phone’s camera, pointed so that buildings in the area are scanned. The observed image is then supplemented with detailed directions that can be viewed in real-world context.
  • The “Look Around” feature in Apple Maps provides high-resolution street-level imagery, 3D photos, and smooth transitions. Map users anywhere in the world can navigate locations in the Netherlands, Belgium, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg and Switzerland.
  • Drivers of certain electric cars can also plan their journey with Apple Maps by receiving recommendations with charging points, taking into account elevation differences and other factors that can affect range along the route.
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According to the official release issued by Apple, the map service has been completely revamped and now offers better navigation, more detail, better location information and exciting features that only Apple can offer, such as Look Around and Natural Language Guidance.

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