ANAF gives them at a charity price: cars that every Romanian can afford. Volkswagen, Ford, Mercedes, very cheap

Almost every month, ANAF puts out to auction a few cars at more or less ridiculous prices. Most of them are confiscated, they often have a fairly large number of kilometers, but they are still a very good deal.

In theory, each ANAF branch organizes its own auctions at regular intervals, but this time we are talking about ANAF Turda. In April, the institution has two auctions scheduled, one more interesting than the other. The first is on April 12, 2022, at 10 a.m., and the second will take place on April 20, 2022, at 11 p.m.

Cars from ANAF, on offer

In an auction starting at 2150 lei, on April 12, you can buy a Peugeot Panter with a 1.9 liter engine from 2001. One week later, on April 20, three more cars are available, as follows:

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Land Rover, year 2008 with the price starting from 38775 lei;

Ford Transit, year 2001 with the price starting from 8400 lei;

Ford Mondeo, year 2005 with the price starting from 10500 lei.

The third auction of this month from ANAF Turda is scheduled for April 21. At that time, the following four cars will be available for purchase:

Volkswagen Touareg, year 2013 with the price starting from 79,350 lei;

BMW 525, year 1997 with the price starting from 13,275 lei;

Mercedes Benz Sprinter van, year 2000 with the price starting from 12,600 lei;

Honda L3E motorcycle, year 2006 with the price starting from 11,925 lei.

If you want to register for the auction, at least one day in advance, you need the following documents to submit to ANAF:

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a) the purchase offer;
b) proof of payment of the participation fee or of the establishment of the guarantee in the form of a letter of guarantee, representing 10% of the starting price of the auction. The payment of the tax will be made in the IBAN account RO11 TREZ219506701XXXXXXX beneficiary SFM Turda with fiscal code 4354582;
c) the power of attorney of the person representing the bidder;
d) for Romanian legal entities, a copy of the single registration certificate issued by the trade register office;
e) for foreign legal entities, the registration document translated into Romanian;
f) for Romanian individuals, a copy of the identity document;
g) for foreign individuals, a copy of the identity card / passport;
h) the bidder’s own-responsibility statement certifying that he is not an intermediary with the debtor.

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