Amazon Gaming Week: Whether Diablo 4 or Legend of Zelda

Govee not only beats Philips Hue in terms of price: the LED lights transform the gaming monitor into Disco Stu.

Govee not only beats Philips Hue in terms of price: the LED lights transform the gaming monitor into Disco Stu.

There is never enough LED and RGB lighting for deeper immersion and of course more skill. But it doesn’t automatically have to be from Philips Hue, Govee is a lot of competition – in terms of price and scope. With the DreamView G1 Pro Gaming Light you get a real starter kit, which gives you the feeling of standing in front of Lilith in person or flying through Hyrule. During the Amazon Gaming Week you save a whole 30 percent and pay only €118.99.

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Govee LED Strip & Lightbar: Not only 144Hz of your monitors beat faster

Included with the Dreamview G1 Pro is a Neon LED Light Strip for 24 to 32 inch monitors and two lightbars that flood your desk with light. Do you own a curved monitor? No problem, as long as it doesn’t have a curvature greater than 1500 R, you can also attach the Light Strips to it.

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Your skills will light up in up to 16 million colors for a grandiose fireworks display when slaying demons in Sanctuary. Those come into their own visual effects with the highlight function: Couple your light strips and light bars with your games for even more goosebumps and immersion. Within the Govee app you control the brightness, saturation and type of animation yourself – there are also four different game modes (FPS, RGB, MOBA & Racing).

Can you cut Govee LEDs? Unlike with Philips Hue, it is not possible to shorten the LED strips. However, the strips are so well matched to your monitors that this is not necessary. They also offer an advantage: they are not self-adhesive, but are attached with mounting clips – this saves you a few nerves, but no time. They have to stick for 24 hours after mounting before the lightstrips come on.

You simply place the lightbars in a suitable place on your desk, then everything is connected to the PC via the all-in-one hub and camera.

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Philips Hue or Govee – How good is Govee?

Philips Hue has some serious competition for its Gradient Play Light Strips with the Govee DreamView G1 Pro. A light strip alone costs €149.99 – for only €20 more you can get light bars at Govee and the light strips are also designed for up to 32 inches. The Govee Set offers a larger scope of delivery with the DreamView G1 and the range of functions within the Govee app should also be more extensive.

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Mirko from the GameStar Tech-Readktion tells you why Govee should be one step ahead when it comes to outdoor lighting:

DreamView G1 Pro Gaming Light for an immersive gaming experience!

Govee Matter: RGBIC LED Strip M1 is a pioneer

The first Govee Light Strip that is Matter compatible is now available. This is particularly practical for HomeKit users: no detours via a bridge, you control the LED lights directly with your mobile phone and integrate them into the existing smart home system. The new Govee RGBIC LED Strip M1 is currently around 30 percent on Amazon for only €55.99.

How do I connect Govee to Alexa? In addition to controlling gaming sessions, integration into Google Home is also possible, or control via Amazon Alexa. For the latter, you must add the “Govee Home” skill to the Alexa app and log in with your Govee account.

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