the first PopSocket that can charge your phone

PopSockets are accessories that many smartphone users use, especially because they offer extra security in one-handed use, providing a better grip. These accessories can also be used to prop the phone to the table to watch a video. The company behind PopSockets is now announcing new accessories called PopGrip JumpStart Lightning, with even more extra functionality: portable batteries built into the phone holder.

PopSockets has launched the new PopGrip JumpStart accessories with integrated battery

The new PopGrip JumpStart Lightning / USB-C accessories from PopSockets are similar in basic functionality to the old PopSockets. They can be glued to the backs of phones and can be extended to allow the stand to be held between the fingers. However, the size of the top of the accessories has increased, with a 2,200 mAh battery now housed here. The capacity is not very large, but it can provide about 50% extra power for a modern smartphone.

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There are dedicated models for both iPhone and Android. On the outside of the PopGrip JumpStart is a cable with a Lightning or USB-C plug to power the phones. Even if attached to the back of an iPhone, these PopGrips do not attach magnetically via MagSafe, nor do they offer wireless charging, only cable.


The battery on the PopGrip can be detached to be charged separately from the phone, while the PopSocket to which it is attached remains on the phone. You can even charge your phone via PopGrip. The smartphone is charged first, with PopGrip having the ability to pass-through the power transfer, and only then is the accessory’s battery charged.

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Compared to similar batteries from Apple, with MagSafe, PopGrip JumpStart is a relatively inexpensive accessory, the price for both variants (Lightning and USB-C) being 35 US dollars.

source: PopSockets

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