Dispersion Capital launches $40M fund focused on blockchain infrastructure

Patrick Chang

Patrick Chang, founder of Dispersion Capital

Founded by Web3 investor experienced Patrick Chang, Dispersion Capital has launched a 40 million dollar fund which will support startups that build decentralized infrastructures.

Despite crypto winter and the fall in the influx of capital to startups in this nascent sector, some VCs continue to bet on blockchain and Web3.

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This is the case of Dispersion Capital which on Tuesday announced the launch of a 40 million dollar fund dedicated to start-ups in this ecosystem that are working on decentralized infrastructures.

The venture capital company founded by Patrick Changwho himself has invested in crypto pioneers and led blockchain investments at Samsung Next from 2014 to 2020, is already supporting some twenty companies, according to a press release.

Since 2021, thousands of talented developers have emerged in the Web3 space, ready to create next-generation applications. However, their potential is limited by the immaturity of the infrastructure. Dispersion Capital aims to support the creation of a robust infrastructure developed beyond protocols and networks,” explained Chang, specifying that this included platforms and tools enabling developers to create “revolutionary applications”.

The Dispersion Capital is backed by several Web3 giants such as Ripple, Circle, Alchemy, Hashkey and Forte. It is also backed by traditional VCs such as the American Lightspeed.

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More recently, CMCC Global , Breed VC and Escape Velocity have also launched funds focusing on the development of start-ups. crypto and endowed with $100 million, $20 million and $25 million respectively.

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