All drivers in Romania need to know: how to get a cheaper RCA

Romanian drivers, but also transport companies, have at their disposal a legal provision that allows them to buy RCA at lower prices, in the context in which the tariffs went up after the bankruptcy of the former market leader, City Insurance.

More than 23,000 drivers and transport companies have appealed to the Romanian Car Insurers’ Bureau in the last four months to obtain a lower price from RCA, in the context of rising prices after the bankruptcy of City Insurance, according to Economica data provided by BAAR representatives.

BAAR representatives say they cannot estimate where the peak of these demands will go, but consider that it would be ideal for only those who are in special situations, with substantial asset damage to increase their RCA price, to resort to this method.

It is difficult to make realistic estimates of the number of applications to be allocated as a high-risk insured person because, in addition to fluctuations that may occur seasonally, such as the start and end periods of the calendar year, the number of applications is high. influenced by other factors, such as the price dynamics of the active players in the MTPL insurance market. It would be ideal for high-risk policyholders to represent only isolated cases, exceptions generated by an inappropriate history of damages “, the BAAR representatives transmitted.

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How it works

“In accordance with the Procedure for the management by BAAR of high-risk MTPL policyholders approved by the FSA, which is also published on the BAAR website, the allocation of high-risk policyholders to an insurance company, at the rate provided by law, is made in proportion to market share held by MTPL insurers in the previous year. The calculation of the market share of MTPL insurers is determined taking into account the gross premiums received on MTPL / Green Card insurance, reported to BAAR for the previous year for which data are available. The allocation is made in the order of the requests that fall into the category of high risk policyholders accompanied by the documents mentioned on the BAAR website, without taking into account the risk segments (tariff segments) provided in the ASF Report on the determination of reference rates to insure the MTPL of which the risks are part “, explain those from BAAR.

Before presenting the maximum prices depending on the engine capacity and the age of the driver, I remind you that any driver in Romania can benefit from the high-risk insured system under the following conditions:

  • Received from the insurers three price offers at least 36% higher than the reference rate for the age category and cylinder capacity of the engine where it falls
  • These offers are calculated annually and without the application of a bonus or malus
  • He asked the Bureau of Motor Insurers (BAAR) to assign him to an insurer who would sell him RCA at the price set by law, ie the reference price + 36%.
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Age category under 30 years

  • 1,201-1,400 cmc- 1554.48 lei
  • 1401-1600 cmc- 1816.96 lei
  • 1601-1800 cmc- 2,033.2 lei
  • 1801-2000 cmc 2,214.08 lei
  • 2001-2500 cmc- 3,070.88 lei
  • 2,500 cmc- 4,188.8 lei

Age category 31-40 years

  • 1,201-1,400 cmc- 965.6 lei
  • 1401-1600 cmc- 1130.16 lei
  • 1601-1800 cmc- 1,253.92 lei
  • 1801-2000 cmc – 1,408.96 lei
  • 2001-2500 cmc- 1.989, 68 lei
  • 2,500 cc – 2,896.8

Age category 41-50 years

  • 1,201-1,400 cmc- 994.16 lei
  • 1401-1600 cmc- 1,161.44 lei
  • 1601-1800 cmc- 1,270.44 lei
  • 1801-2000 cmc- 1,426.64 lei
  • 2001-2500 cmc-1.989, 68 lei
  • 2,500 cmc- 2,744.48 lei

Age category 51-60 years

  • 1,201-1,400 cmc- 965.6 lei
  • 1401-1600 cmc- 1,127, 44 lei
  • 1601-1800 cmc- 1,266.16 lei
  • 1801-2000 cmc- 1,402.16 lei
  • 2001-2500 cmc- 1.984, 24 lei
  • 2,500 cmc-2,789.36 lei

Age category over 60 years

  • 1,201-1,400 cmc- 1003.68 lei
  • 1401-1600 cmc- 1,173.68 lei
  • 1601-1800 cmc- 1,298.8 lei
  • 1801-2000 cmc- 1,417.1 2 lei
  • 2001-2500 cmc- 2,057, 68 lei
  • 2,500 cmc- 2,842.4 lei

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