Álex Márquez: “Marc is focused on 2022 and coming back, but we have to wait”

LLEIDA, Nov. 25 (Royals Blue) –

The Spanish MotoGP rider Álex Márquez (Honda) assured that his brother Marc (Repsol Honda Team) is at home resting from diplopia (double vision) that he suffers from a fall while training in motocross and that he is focused on the next World Championship in 2022 and in being able to return as soon as possible, although he acknowledged that he must have “patience”.

“Marc is trying to disconnect from the world, but in Jerez he constantly called me to find out how the new bike (the 2022 Honda) was doing. He is focused on next year, on returning as soon as possible, but you have to be patient and wait” , assured at a press conference from the Rufea circuit (Lleida), where he presented the sixth Allianz Junior Motor Camp.

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The brother of the eight-time world champion reiterated that it will be at Christmas time when “more or less” it will be known where Marc’s injury is going, a diplopia that he already suffered in 2011 and that, then, made him lose the title. This time, the last two appointments of a 2021 World Cup that he no longer opted for have been lost for the moment. “We will have to be patient and be by his side,” reiterated the youngest of the brothers.

But neither Marc nor Álex nor anyone from the team can put a number on his return. “I’m not a doctor or an eye specialist. But seeing that he already had this injury in 2011, it’s not a bone or something that you know exactly. It’s a nerve, it’s the sight, something more complicated and you have to be patient. at times. It is very annoying to have diplopia and be like that, but he is positive and resting, “he argued.

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“Marc is home, but he has already sent me fifty messages about how he is doing and how the children are. He is home, resting and taking care of my dogs, which is something. He is dying to be here but now he needs patience and rest and little by little he will recover”, he contributed in reference to the campus that both brothers organize together with Allianz and that this time only has the presence of Álex, although Marc will try to visit the 20 participants.

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