Aleix Espargaró and Viñales will seek to fly with an innovative Aprilia RS-GP 2022

BARCELONA, Feb. 10 (Royals Blue) –

The Spanish riders Aleix Espargaró and Maverick Viñales face the 2022 MotoGP World Championship with enthusiasm and ambition, having developed an innovative Aprilia RS-GP 2022 that already finished strong in 2021 at the hands of an Espargaró that was eighth in the World Championship.

In the last championship, Aleix Espargaró and his RS-GP 2021 finished eighth, an improvement of nine positions and tripling his points compared to 2020. An evolution and improvement that trust the already official Italian factory to be even greater in this new World Cup.

The new 2022 RS-GP has undergone a series of adjustments in all areas of performance. “The starting point was an already excellent technical base, so we are not talking about a revolution, but simply about the spirit of innovation that has always been in the DNA of Aprilia Racing,” explained the team at the official presentation.

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Aleix Espargaró assured that he could not wait any longer to start the course, although the official tests are already underway, first in Sepang and now in Thailand. “I’m very excited. The years can go by, but I’m still as hungry as when I started and I’m at the top physically,” explained the Catalan.

For the first tests, he chose a helmet with graphics dedicated to all of Aprilia’s first podiums in the different categories, including the one he achieved at Silverstone. “It seems like the right way to start the season and pay homage to the great racing heritage of this brand. The goal is obviously to add more images to that gallery,” he predicted.

For his part, Maverick Viñales begins 2022 with ambition, after arriving at Aprilia in the middle of last year. “From my first moment in this team, I realized that I had been chosen with a purpose: to take Aprilia to the top of modern MotoGP. This is the goal we are all working towards,” he assured.

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“I don’t think it’s fair to make predictions. We’ll have to exploit our advantages as much as possible. I’m very satisfied with the job the racing department did over the winter and now all that’s left is to show our progress on the track.” that of Roses.

Aprilia’s technical director, Romano Albesiano, explained that for the 2022 RS-GP they focused on the main performance areas, such as an engine that has a number of new aspects, an aerodynamic evolution and novelties also in the chassis to improve key aspects. such as braking, acceleration and starting. “I am convinced that we have an excellent hand of cards for the 2022 World Cup,” he assured.

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