After being left almost dead by the militants in University Square, he took a radical decision: Dragoș Pâslaru, between the stage and the monastery

Former Romanian actor Dragoș Pâslaru made a radical decision at some point, as we’ll tell you below.

Although he had his whole life ahead of him, he suddenly chose another path, totally different from what he had been doing up to that point.

Dragoș Pâslaru – archive photo

Dragoș Pâslaru’s film and theatre career

At the age of 71, former actor Dragoș Pâslaru could have excelled in both theatre and film. This road was never taken, as the artist felt the divine call, which was stronger than his love for film and theatre.

He was born on July 1, 1951, in Craiova, and was to become one of the most charismatic Romanian actors, being particularly appreciated for his dedication on stage, but also for his physical appearance.

Throughout his career on the theatre stage, Dragoș Pâslaru played in The Carriage on the Staircase, The Last Ball, A Stormy Night, Taifun, The Fourth Season, The Gentle Burgess, Balthazar’s Feast, Seminar Theatre. Bios and Eros, Winter’s Tale and Melissa.

As for his film career, we list the following films in which you can see Dragoș Pâslaru: O Lacrimă de Facha (1980), Pruncul, Petrolul și Ardelenii (1981), Angela Merge mai Departe (1982), Concurs (1982), Secvanțe… (1982), Singur de Cart (1983), Ochi de Urs (1983), Întoarcea din Iad (1983), Să Mori Rănit din Dragoste de Vida (1984), Punct… and from the End (1987), Shadows of the Sun (1988), Walk in the Way of Wolves (1990), The Guilty (1991), Red Rats (1991), The Eleventh Commandment (1991), The Rose and the Crown (TV drama – 1991), The Scales (1992), Miss Christina (1992), A Summer to Remember (1994), The Head of a Zimbruff (TV film – 1996), The Woman in Red (1997) and Eyes on Happiness (1999).

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Father Valerian – Dragoș Pâslaru

The actor who couldn’t stay away from the church and the holy ones

Although he seemed to have the whole world at his feet, Dragoș Pâslaru chose the path of the church.

He protested on 13-15 June 1990 in University Square against the regime installed after the overthrow of the communist regime, on which occasion he was severely beaten by miners and almost left for dead.

In the same year, he left the world of theatre, still acting in a few television films, but in 1999 he became a monk at the Frăsinei Monastery in Vâlcea county, becoming, in the first instance, Brother Vasile.

Later, he became a hieromonk and took the ecclesiastical name of Father Valerian. At present he spends his days at the Pătrunsa monastery in Valcea county.

Being questioned by the investigators who wanted to obtain statements from him that would lead to the arrest of those guilty of what they had done to him, Dragoș Pâslaru said only this “I took the horns of the Godly plough and my soul forgave everything”. However, the trauma did not let him continue his life as he had done before, pushing him closer to God.

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In the monastery, Brother Valerian worked in the animal husbandry sector, then as a cook, and in the last period he became the head of the chancellery of Frăsinei Monastery.

Dragoș Pâslaru’s case is not unique in our country, as other actors have chosen to dedicate their lives to religion.

Monica Fermo is just one such example. “My first steps in life were in the monstrosity of passion. At 15 I took up smoking, at 17 I had my first spiritual and physical love, and from there it all moved with extraordinary speed into the mindless pit. I was listening to rock music, and for a 17-20 year old like I was then, going to discos and letting loose to the music, I was subconsciously getting all the satanic information of that music. And the rest followed: kissing, fornication, abortion, smoking, drinking, partying…” she says.

The list can be completed by adding the guitarist Dan Bădulescu who, throughout his life, played in the group Sfinx, but also in Roșu și Negru.

Last but not least, actress Mariana Buruiană chose to give up acting and serve, albeit indirectly, the church.

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