John Lennon has been brought back to life by AI for a final Beatles song -.

AI is rampant in the music world, creating covers of songs and original music from artists by using only the details of their songs and vocals already recorded. Now John Lennon’s last recording has been resurrected so Paul McCartney can make one last Beatles record.

The demo was labeled “For Paul” and was made before Lennon was killed in 1980. Using AI software, Lennon’s vocals were extracted for McCartney so he could make a full song out of it.

Speaking to BBC Radio 4, McCartney said: “I’m not on the internet very often [maar] people will say to me, ‘Oh, yeah, there’s a song where John sings one of my songs,’ and it’s just AI, you know? It’s kind of scary, but exciting because it’s the future. We’ll just have to see where that leads.”

John Lennon revived by AI for final Beatles song

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