Afghanistan receives two $40 million humanitarian aid packages from the UN

The Central Bank of Afghanistan reported Tuesday that a second package of $40 million in cash has arrived in Kabul after a first shipment with the same amount was received the day before by the United Nations, state news agency Jaama reported.

“To clarify: the UN has provided Afghanistan with more than $1 billion over the past year to provide vital humanitarian assistance to the millions of Afghans who need it most. The cash is deposited in a commercial bank. The funds are not given to the de facto authorities or the Central Bank of Afghanistan,” the Assistance Mission in Afghanistan said on Twitter.

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This bank, run by Taliban officials, has welcomed the continuation of cash donations and appealed to the international community to provide humanitarian aid through the banking sector, according to the aforementioned state agency.

Afghanistan has been mired for years in a humanitarian crisis deepened since the Taliban seizure of power in August 2021, which resulted in a suspension of aid deliveries and the imposition of sanctions, including an asset freeze on the Central Bank of Afghanistan.

The Taliban-installed authorities have repeatedly called for the resumption of aid deliveries, while the international community is trying to channel these efforts to provide aid to the population without the funds falling into the hands of the fundamentalist group, which also continues to seek international recognition.

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