England plans to eliminate the mandatory quarantine for cases of COVID-19 at the end of the month

The United Kingdom exceeds the barrier of 18 million infections since the pandemic began


The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson, has announced that he plans to bring forward to this month the withdrawal of all the health measures that are still in force to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, which would also include the end of the mandatory quarantine for those infected.

The current regulation, in force in principle until March 24, establishes that those who test positive for coronavirus must isolate themselves for at least five days. However, Johnson has declared before the House of Commons that there are “encouraging” trends in infections, according to the BBC.

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“I want to return on the first day after the parliamentary recess — from February 10 to 21 — to present our strategy for living with COVID,” said the prime minister, anticipating a review of the strategy that has yet to be finalized.

England and Northern Ireland establish a five-day isolation from the positive for coronavirus, as long as after that time there are two negative tests. In Scotland and Wales, on the other hand, the quarantine lasts seven days, counting from the positive or from the appearance of symptoms.

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The United Kingdom has registered in the current wave of infections the worst data of the entire pandemic, although the figures have been improving – just over 66,000 new cases were confirmed on Tuesday. In fact, from Friday, vaccinated travelers arriving in the UK will not have to present any negative tests.

This Wednesday, the United Kingdom Ministry of Health has confirmed 68,214 new infections and 276 deaths from COVID-19, which have raised the totals to 18,000,119 and 158,953, respectively. Regarding the progress of vaccination, to this day 84.6 percent of British people have the complete vaccination schedule, while 65.4 percent have also received the booster dose.

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