Afghanistan and Pakistan form a committee for the conflicts on the Durand Line

MADRID, Jan. 31 (Royals Blue) –

The governments of Afghanistan and Pakistan have agreed to form a joint ministerial committee to resolve the conflicts generated around the Durand Line, the disputed border that separates both countries.

“The objective of the joint committee is to resolve the problems on the Durand Line and deal with security issues that may arise in the future or that have occurred in the past. These issues must be resolved through dialogue,” said a spokesman for the Afghan Taliban government. , Inamulá Samangani, quoted by Afghan television Tolo.

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The announcement comes after a two-day visit to Afghanistan by Pakistani National Security Adviser Moeed Yusuf, and after a meeting that the Pakistani Foreign Ministry said was primarily aimed at “deepening economic relations” between the two countries.

Afghanistan had expressed its discomfort at the start of work to erect a barbed wire fence on the Durand Line by the Pakistani Army.

The Durand Line extends 2,640 kilometers and marks the border between the two countries. It was established in 1893 following an agreement between the then British Foreign Secretary in India, Mortimer Durand, and the Afghan Emir Abdur Rahman Khan to delimit spheres of influence.

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After Pakistan’s independence, Islamabad began to recognize it as its border with Afghanistan, although Kabul did not take such a step. This line divides the Pashtun and Baluch communities living on both sides of the border, which has caused disputes in both countries.

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