Russian Energodar administration invites Guterres to visit the city prior to his meeting with Zelenski in Lviv

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The Russian administration of occupied Energodar, the closest to the Zaporiyia nuclear power plant, has invited UN Secretary General António Guterres to visit the city in the framework of the trilateral meeting to be held this Thursday in Lviv.

The three-way meeting between Guterres and the presidents of Ukraine and Turkey, Volodimir Zelensky and Recep Tayyip Erdogan, respectively, is not understood from Energodar, the Russian head of the city, Vladimir Rogov, has made known.

“His visit to Lviv and Odessa clearly shows that he plays on one side, on a specific side. He does not take the position that is inherent in his office. He takes the position of the consolidated West, or rather of the Anglo-Saxons, the United States and the United Kingdom,” he has pointed out.

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Thus, Rogov has pointed out that he “does not quite understand” the actions of the UN secretary general, as he visits such cities, observes the shelling of “Zelensky militants”, and then meets with the Ukrainian president to ask him about these events.

“Guterres does not take a neutral position in this conflict. He is clearly biased both in his actions, and in his steps, and in relation to the situation around the Zaporiyia nuclear power plant,” he explained in an interview with the Russian news agency TASS.

Rogov has theorized that the choice of Lviv is due to the fact that the West seeks to turn the city into “a free port” and that they see it as a “capital.” “This suggests that they obviously have plans for Lvovolis” in the West’s interest.

Regarding the role of Odessa, he has indicated that this location allows access to “the remnants of the Western-controlled post-Ukrainian space towards the Black Sea.” “This is what the British demanded Zelensky to keep under his control, because otherwise, in case of loss, the strategy of the so-called Trimoria, expressed directly by the West, is lost,” he has said.

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By Trimoria, Rogov was referring to the Three Seas Initiative, a project proposed by Poland to integrate different countries of Central and Eastern Europe, such as Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Latvia, Romania or Slovakia, among others.

Among the aspects that Ankara expects to discuss at this meeting, proposed by Zelenski himself through an invitation, are formulas with which to put an end to the conflict, as well as mechanisms established to export grain from Ukrainian territory, according to the Turkish news agency Anatolia.

Before his return to New York, Guterres will then travel to Istanbul, to visit ‘in situ’ the coordination center from which the agreement for exports is examined. The UN sees it as key to softening the effects of the Ukraine war on global food security.

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