Pokemon Scarlet and Violet : How to choose the Best Starter?

The selection of a starting Pokemon sets the stage for the trainer’s adventure in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Once the player has chosen their game version, finding the ideal starter Pokemon becomes crucial for the rest of the game. This Royals Blue guide provides insights into the factors to consider when selecting the best starting Pokemon.

The choice of a Starter Pokemon


At the very beginning of the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet adventure, players must choose a starting Pokemon to accompany them on their journey. Assisted by the renowned Professor Clavel, three starter options are presented:

  • Plantype: Poussacha
  • Firetype: Chochodile
  • Watertype: Coiffeton

Poussacha: The Plantype Pokemon

Among the starters, Poussacha has gained significant popularity on the internet. This companion can be a bit temperamental and may sulk when its trainer’s attention is focused on other Pokemon. Nevertheless, it remains adorable with its silky fur resembling plants.

Poussacha has the ability to diminish opponents’ desire to fight by rubbing its front paws together, releasing a fascinating sweet fragrance. The composition of its fur allows it to generate energy from sunlight.

Height0.4 m
Weight4.1 kg
AbilityOvergrow – Increases power when HP is below one-third
StrengthsWater, Ground, Rock types
WeaknessesFire, Ice, Bug, Poison, Flying types
EvolutionsMatourgeon, Miascarade
Table of detailed characteristics for the starter Pokemon Poussacha

The first evolution of Poussacha occurs at level 16, transforming it into Matourgeon. In this form, it stands upright on its hind legs while retaining its Plant type.

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At level 36, Matourgeon further evolves into Miascarade, gaining the dual Plant/Dark type and becoming vulnerable to Fighting and Fairy types. However, Miascarade does gain immunity to Psychic-type attacks.

Chochodile: The Fire Croco Pokemon

Chochodile is the Fire-type starter Pokemon presented by Clavel. It stands out with its passion for food, relaxed nature, and preference for going at its own pace. Its eyes sparkle when it spots its next meal and charges towards it.

This starter has the ability to generate Fire-type energy through the heat stored in the scales on its belly and back. These scales can become scorching hot when filled with excess energy, which is also evident through the flames on its head.

Height0.4 m
Weight9.8 kg
AbilityBlaze – Increases power when HP is below one-third
StrengthsSteel, Ice, Bug, Plant types
WeaknessesWater, Rock, Bug, Ground types
EvolutionsCrocogril, Flâmigator

Crocogril is the first evolved form of the starter Pokemon Chochodile, which becomes available at level 16. It retains its Fire type, but its appearance changes to reveal a flame-shaped crest on its head.

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At level 36, Crocogril transforms into Flâmigator, a more imposing form with a bestial and aggressive appearance, emanating flames. It gains the Fire/Ghost type, making it vulnerable to Ghost and Dark types. However, it also gains immunity to Fighting-type attacks.

Coiffeton: The Duck Pokemon

Coiffeton is evidently less problematic than its fellow starters Poussacha and Chochodile. This Pokemon has the advantage of being obedient to its trainers and possesses a serious and meticulous temperament. It has a strong affinity for cleanliness and particularly dislikes getting its head dirty.

Its legs are powerful enough to allow Coiffeton to swim effortlessly, even in strong currents. Coiffeton also uses its legs to deliver rapid and powerful strikes in battles. The Pokemon repels dirt and water by producing a shiny gel-like substance from its feathers, which become spiky when they dry.

Height0.5 m
Weight6.1 kg
AbilityTorrent – Increases power when HP is below one-third
StrengthsFire, Rock, Ground types
WeaknessesDragon, Water, Plant types, Slightly vulnerable to Electric and Plant types
EvolutionsCanarbello, Palmaval
Table of detailed characteristics for the starter Pokemon Coiffeton

The first evolution of Coiffeton brings forth Canarbello at level 16. While retaining its Water type, the main difference lies in its increased size and the addition of a bluish tail.

At level 36, Canarbello has the option to evolve into its final form, Palmaval. It turns completely blue and takes on an elegant form resembling that of a phoenix. This evolution changes its type to Water and Fighting.

What is the Best Starter Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet starter

Determining the best starter in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is ultimately not something objective. The choice of the ideal starting Pokemon is up to each player based on their aesthetic preferences, type preferences, and personalities. All criteria are valid in guiding their choice towards the Pokemon with which to continue the adventure.

Indeed, the three options of starter Pokemon offered are excellent, so there is no wrong choice to be made in this case. However, it is still recommended to consider the future of the adventure, specifically the evolutions of the chosen Pokemon. Strengths and weaknesses can evolve, providing an advantage or disadvantage against opponents to be defeated in the game.

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