The day Superman “forgot” to fly: the tragic fate of Christopher Reeve, the hero of a generation

Actor Christopher Reeve became internationally known when he was cast as Clark Kent/Superman.

From that moment on, all boys began to wish they could be Superman, since girls secretly dreamed of being “saved” by the hero who could fly, among many other things.

Christopher Reeve as Superman (1978)

The Curse of Superman

The four Superman movies managed to mark the childhoods of many, as they were broadcast for years on the most popular television stations around the world. The Romanian ones were no exception, of course.

Christopher Reeve became a model of male beauty, often considered the most handsome man on the planet. Obviously, the role he played helped him get the attention he so richly deserved.

However, the concept of Superman wasn’t born with Reeve, but in 1938 when writer Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster first joined forces to put together the first comic book featuring and about Superman under the DC Comics imprint.

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1951 also saw the release of the first independent film about the kryptonite-sensitive flying hero, starring George Reeves.

George Reeve as Superman (1951) – the actor also suffered a tragic death

George Reeves also died a tragic death, found shot in the head in his room in 1959. At the time, police concluded that the actor had committed suicide. However, conspiracy theorists have argued that George’s fate may not have been a suicide, but rather a murder.

Indeed, at one point, there was even talk of an alleged curse attached to Superman’s role, a curse that would come to befall the next hero, played by Christopher Reeve, as you’ll learn below.

Obviously, the tragic events fall under the heading of coincidence, as does the striking similarity between the names Reeve (George) and Reeves (Christopher).

Actor Christopher Reeve in a wheelbarrow in his later years

Christopher Reeve, the hero who couldn’t fly

After being able, for a fairly brief period, to enjoy the love he received from the public, Christopher Reeve’s fortunes went into recession, to the point where life became extremely unbearable.

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A terrible accident would force the once “flying” actor to spend the rest of his days in a wheelchair.

It all happened while he was filming a new movie. Riding a horse, he fell out of the saddle and the animal ran directly over him and fractured his spine.

The actor never recovered from this medical condition, spending his few remaining years confined to a wheelchair.

His suffering was so great that his mother was in the position of begging doctors to let him die.

From handsome and extremely well-made actor, Christopher Reeve quickly turned into a “vegetable” and was paralyzed from the neck down.

However, despite his extremely difficult condition, he always displayed a positive attitude, declaring that no matter what, life must go on.

“I refuse to let a disability decide how I live my life. There is only one way to go in this life: straight ahead!” said Christopher Reeve at the time.

The actor died on October 10, 2004, of cardiac arrest at the age of only 52.

He will always be “that Superman” in everyone’s hearts.

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