Adidas introduces its new XCrazyFast boots through Rocket League

Adidas has introduced its XCrazyFast boots in the most disruptive way possible. The German multinational, together with Playoffnations and Essencemediacomhas created a custom environment within Rocket Leaguea dynamic videogame closely linked to the soccer ecosystem, so that users can gain an advantage on their scoreboard thanks to XCrazyFast. A campaign that will be active from September 12.

The experience consists of a game arena where competitions are held between users where they test their skills.The users of the adidas XCrazyFast model are faster than the rest. Around the field there is a cyclical circuit where players can run at full speed dodging obstacles represented by characteristic elements of the firma, such as shoeboxes.

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The line between the world of gaming and communication is becoming increasingly blurred, the digital space becomes an expansion of ourselves. To date few brands have created an environment in this video game and adidas decided to be a pioneer by entering it to make a differential communication campaign with Playoffnations. To this end, the Spanish technology company has relied on a strategy that includes streamers like Cacho01, Batipstao or Gxlpaulinho who will participate in the game competing with the rest of the users of the gamer community.

The Spanish company is a pioneer in creating this type of experience and was the responsible for giving entry into the metaverse to brands such as Pringles or Springfield. In addition, it has recently raised a financing round of €1M led by Angels Capital, of the well-known entrepreneur Juan Roig.

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