Polestar makes full version of design contest winning car –

The Polestar car company has announced that it has created a full 1:1 version of the winning design from its Polestar Design Contest. The car, known as the Polestar Synergy, is designed to capitalize on the electric supercar fantasy and looks just like a Hot Wheels toy.

And this is a fitting comparison as the car will be immortalized as a Hot Wheels car and a Matchbox collectible in the future, as Polestar and Mattel have now collaborated to bring the car company’s designs into miniature form.

Polestar notes that the Synergy is so named because it has taken the designs of the three winning creators and merged them into one ‘cohesive reality’. The result is a supercar that is only 1.07 meters high, but a whopping 4.56 meters long. No mention is made of the car’s speed or other statistics, but Polestar head of design, Maximillian Missoni, added:

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“This year the story is as much about collaboration as it is about performance. I am proud that the team was able to guide and support the winners in realizing their dream as a full-scale model. It’s not often that student designers get such exposure early in their careers, something the Polestar Design Community does so well on Instagram, reinforced this year by the 1:1 scale model and planned tour of Polestar locations around the world.”

The car will be unveiled at the IAA event in Munich in September, all before it hits the road for the Hot Wheels Legends Tour, starting in El Segundo, California on Oct. 7, 2023.

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Polestar makes full version of design contest winning car

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