F-Zero 99 announced and appears today on Nintendo Switch Online – That’s Gaming

After several rumors, Nintendo has finally announced a new F-Zero. Technically, it’s F-Zero from the Super NES era, but with an online battle royale twist. F-Zero 99 follows in the vein of games like Tetris 99 and lets 99 players race against each other online. It is available starting today, exclusively for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers. Check out the first trailer below.

As with the original game, you race through futuristic tracks with vehicles called Machines. You have a Power Meter that decreases with damage, but you can also use it for a speed boost. If you can collect several Super Sparks, the Skyway opens up so you can bypass the competition.

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Completing goals unlocks new cosmetics to customize your Machine. F-Zero 99 also supports the Super NES controller available to Nintendo Switch Online subscribers for that retro feel. Given how Nintendo supported its 99 titles after launch, it will be interesting to see what support they have in mind for F-Zero 99.

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