A YouTuber made a portable 27,000,000 mAh battery. VIDEO

A Chinese YouTuber named Handy Geng has made the world’s largest portable battery with a capacity of 27,000,000 mAh. It can power multiple samartphones, laptops, tablets, or even other portable batteries at the same time, but it can also be used for other less common activities, such as powering a TV, a scooter, or an outdoor washing machine.

An electric car battery has been transformed into a “portable” external battery

Handy Geng documented the process in a video posted on his YouTube channel. He built a funny story for the reason behind the project, saying he was jealous of his brother and cousin’s portable batteries. So he decided to create a bigger battery himself to compete with them.

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The portable battery was made from an electric car battery and received a “home made” case, which resembles battery cases from brands such as Xiaomi. It also received 60 sockets, where anything can be connected. Such a battery is probably not useful for transport as in this clip, but it could be useful in case of emergency when there are problems with the mains, thus being able to power all the appliances in the house for extended periods. According to the video published by Handy Geng, the battery can power 5,000 phones with batteries of 3,000 mAh each.

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In fact, some electric car manufacturers, such as Ford, even offer such a use case for their vehicles, as the cars can be connected to the home’s electrical system to provide battery power for up to three days.

Handy Geng is known on YouTube for his outstanding projects, such as a space rocket-shaped PC case.

source: YouTube

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