Microsoft recommends that you leave your PC on for up to 8 hours to receive all Windows updates

Seemingly inexplicable, a not insignificant number of PCs remain out of date with the latest version of Windows and even omit essential updates for operating system security, without the user doing anything to inconvenience the application of patches distributed through Windows Update .

Ask for clarification, Microsoft representatives come up with a confusing explanation that Windows PCs need to be turned on and connected online for at least eight hours to successfully obtain and install the latest operating system updates.

Another “revelation” from David Guyer, who is in charge of Windows Updates, is that Microsoft tracks the time spent on PCs connected to the Windows Update service, keeping a statistic called Update Connectivity. The information is then sent to the IT managers, connected through the InTune application, included with the Microsoft Endpoint management suite. It is this source of information that has clarified the “mystery” of neglecting certain PCs since installing major OS updates.

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According to data provided by Microsoft itself, 50% of Windows 10 operating system PCs that are left behind with patches distributed on Windows Update do not spend enough time online to download and install updates in the background. In the case of half of the PCs mentioned above, the problem becomes chronic, the version of Windows remaining more than 60 days ago with the application of essential security updates.

Microsoft recommends that IT administrators communicate with users of managed PCs by informing them that they need to keep their PC running overnight from time to time so that essential Windows updates can be downloaded and applied without interfering with normal PC usage. of.

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The good news is that the issue could be alleviated with the upgrade to Windows 11, with Microsoft expanding its Windows patch distribution system using superior compression technologies, which should reduce the size of installation packages.

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