A small Apple gadget that will make your life easier is on sale at the best price

The Apple AirTags are now on sale for a limited time.

The Apple AirTags are now on sale for a limited time.

In the MindStar deal there is now the 4er-Pack der Apple AirTags at the current best price. They cost the offer at Mindfactory only €99. Compared to the RRP of the AirTags you save around 30€. In addition, they have never been cheaper in the last 30 days.

Get Apple AirTags at Mindfactory now

We do not know how long the offer is valid.

You have to consider this with MindStar deals: For Mindfactory offers that are marked as MindStars, we cannot link directly to the product page. Otherwise it could be that the wrong price is displayed and you pay the wrong one. That’s why we link to the MindStar Deal Overview and you just scroll down to the described offer. From there, place it in the shopping cart and you will receive the correct offer price.

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Protect your millions of euros: If you’re wondering what you can use the Apple AirTags for, you should take a closer look at this example of a million-dollar heist. Because an armored car filled with a million dollars was stolen. However, the owner had hidden an Apple AirTag in one of the cash boxes, which revealed the location of the money and enabled the police to intervene. You can read the whole story here:

Maybe it’s not about securing your millions of euros. Then there are other uses for Apple’s AirTags. You could use them to to find the key or other things like Protect backpacks and purses from loss.

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Get Apple AirTags at Mindfactory now

The Apple AirTags are as big as a euro coin and accordingly you have the possibility to find everything with them. Thanks to Bluetooth and Apples Find my you can locate the things you thought you had lost, even from far away, thanks to the AirTags.

You can find a variety of possible uses in this article:

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