Ethereum network hit by a second finalization bug

Ethereum met on Friday with a new problem from finalization of transactions. This is the second in the space of 24 hours. Back on the situation.

Yesterday, the Ethereum blockchain failed to ” finalize ” the blocks for a period of about 1 hour. This is the second problem in the field of finalization on the network this week. On Thursday evening, the mainnet had already stopped finalizing transactions for about 30 minutes.

The Ethereum transactions are considered “finalized” when they are included in a block that cannot be modified without one third of all ETH placed in staking being burned.

While the ETH developers The independent and specialized consultant Superphiz has estimated that it is not necessary to communicate on the situation. not surprising that the incident happened again because this kind of problem tended to work “in waves”.

The ETH researcher Danny Ryan stated that many CL clients had experienced a high load due to a ” exceptional scenario “. ” Lighthouse did not due to a different design approach. This kept the network running throughout the incident (at 40-50% of blockages) Until the other customers caught up. and the network is finalized,” he wrote in a Twitter message.

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While the instability of the network worries some participants and investors, Preston Van LoonPrysmatic’s co-founder, Preston Van Loon, said that Ethereum is not not fallen apart. “You could have made transactions during the epochs that were struggling to finalize, there was a lot of block space when the blocks were produced”, he explained.

Despite the apparent treatment of the transactions, however, the lack of finalization could indicate that they are potentially reorganized or even ignored.

This Saturday morning, Prysm announced a patch aimed at dealing with periods of turbulence. “It is highly recommended to upgrade if your node is subject to heavy use,” the client software said.

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Sassal.eth of his alias, an independent Ethereum trainer, reported that the client Teku also needed to be updated to resolve recent finalization issues.

‘ftw client diversity’. Hard to imagine working on a system without it not only brings an incredibly diverse set of entities to build, verify and secure specifications and implementations but it literally saves the chain on days like today.” added researcher Danny Ryan.

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