OnlyFans no longer works in Russia. Customers and stars of the platform can no longer connect

Very popular among sex workers and producers of erotic content in Russia, the OnlyFans platform can no longer be accessed from within the country. The news is confirmed on Telegram channels and in Russian media.

An easy way to generate substantial revenue, the OnlyFans platform is no longer accessible to Russian creators. This is after the platform’s stars previously complained that they remained unpaid for their services, with the US provider explaining that international sanctions prevent the processing of payments requested in rubles. In the meantime, some of the contributors have found alternative means to intermediate payments, but this too was only a temporary solution.

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The Russian equivalent of the “Great Firewall of China”, Roskomnadzor is used to watch over the “correct” information of citizens and neutralize any threats on the online menu, such as news platforms not directly under the influence of Kremlin power, or social media platforms on which thoroughly documented “disinformation” could quickly arouse feelings of social unrest and disobedience.

Although the stated purpose is entirely different, it would appear that the OnlyFans platform has been hijacked for purposes subversive of Kremlin power, with certain channels serving content of a different nature, such as, spreading uncensored information critical of the war effort. Otherwise, why would Putin’s regime want to upset its subjects by denying them one of the most convenient ways to spend their leisure time.

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Specifically, any attempt to access the OnlyFans platform using the services of Russian internet operators is met with a 403 Error message, indicating a blocked connection to those servers.

OnlyFans representatives have not yet commented on this.

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