A judge suspends the anticovid vaccine in Uruguay for children under 13 years of age for “not being scientifically approved”.

A judge has ruled this Thursday the suspension of the anticovid vaccination for children under 13 years of age throughout Uruguay after qualifying the vaccine as “not scientifically approved”, and until the Government presents the contracts for the purchase of the vaccines and publishes in full the composition of “the substances to be inoculated”.

The decision has taken place after an antivaccine collective presented last Friday to the Court of Administrative Litigation (TCA) an injunction requesting the prohibition of the COVID-19 vaccine for children under 13 years for “illegal and unconstitutional” and for “continuing in the experimental phase”, as reported by Teledoce.

The suspension, communicated in a ruling that warns the health authorities of “warning” in case of non-compliance, requires that “those responsible for the minors” be provided with a text that informs “fully and clearly” about the content of the injections, as well as their benefits and the possible risks involved in the inoculation.

“While respecting the self-determination and freedom of each parent, the best interests of each child must prevail, being necessary to keep in mind, at all times, that we are not facing a scientifically approved medical prescription, but an experiment, which does not cease to be what it is: an experiment because of its colossal magnitude,” says the judge, Alejandro Recarey, in the sentence reported by the newspaper ‘El Observador’.

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Likewise, Recarey has argued that, although vaccination is not mandatory but advisable, “it would be like allowing a merchant to sell food without sanitary control on the assumption that no one is obliged to buy from him”.

Before this sentence, the Uruguayan Executive accused the judge, Alejandro Recarey, questioning his impartiality, since he had previously expressed his opinion against vaccination, according to the Uruguayan newspaper ‘El País’.

And now, after the judicial decision, the Uruguayan Prosecutor’s Office and the Ministry of Health have announced in separate communiqués that they will abide by the ruling -which has immediate effect- while appealing it, maintaining that “each of the decisions taken regarding vaccination” have been based on “the available scientific evidence”.

“In view of the decision of the subrogating judge Alejandro Recarey to suspend vaccination against COVID-19 in the population under 13 years of age, the Ministry of Public Health resolves to abide by the judge’s ruling while appealing it. For this reason, as of today, vaccines for this population will no longer be available until further notice,” said the Uruguayan Health Ministry in a press release.

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Following Recarey’s ruling, health authorities have stressed the importance of “maintaining non-pharmacological care, especially in populations that have not received vaccines or have not completed their vaccination status.”

“The decision of this judge puts in Justice the responsibility of the possible affectation of the health of a number of minors in Uruguay who wanted to be vaccinated”, has maintained the Secretary of Presidency, Alvaro Delgado, mentioning that this Thursday 5,800 children had an appointment to be vaccinated.

“The Government, the first thing it is preparing, is the immediate appeal of this court ruling. Rulings are respected but can be criticized and this ruling is nonsense,” Delgado added.

Likewise, the Secretary of the Presidency has described as “inadmissible” that the National Vaccination Plan is considered “illegal and unconstitutional”: “For the Government and for the whole of Uruguay this is inadmissible”.

“As a citizen and as a parent, that a decision of a judge suspends a vaccination that is voluntary worries us enormously (…) There was no vaccination plan more prepared and more studied than the Uruguayan one, endorsed by science”, he has asserted.

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