Apple could offer the feature on the Apple Watch that all iPhone users want

The Apple Watch has been a constant in Apple’s offerings, offering largely the same capabilities from its 2015 debut to the present. Sure, the Watch has received new capabilities through software updates and a few new sensors, but it has evolved very little over time. A new patent from Apple suggests that there are plans to bring changes to the lineup, particularly to security by integrating a fingerprint sensor.

Apple Watch could get fingerprint sensor in side button

Apple was one of the first companies to bring fingerprint sensors to its phones and also one of the first to drop them. However, Apple isn’t completely against them. On the one hand, Apple laptops and desktops now come with keyboards that integrate Touch ID sensors, while iPad tablets benefit from a sensor built into the power or home button (as appropriate). Only iPhones and iPad Pros remain dedicated to Face ID.

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The possibility of integrating a fingerprint sensor on the Apple Watch could bring added security for watch users. Currently, the Watch can only be unlocked with a PIN, which can be uncomfortable on a small screen. Also, once the Watch is unlocked, it can make payments via Apple Pay from Wallet without further confirmation.

apple watch touch id patent

Integrating a fingerprint sensor would allow both faster unlocking and confirmation of each individual transaction. The button integration described in the patent suggests that the same technology from the iPad Air and Mini would be adopted, with the sensor in the button on the side.

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Given that we haven’t heard about such a capability in Apple Watch Series 8 leaks, most likely this capability won’t be coming to Apple Watches this year. However, given how slow Apple is moving with adopting new technology, we might not see a major change next year either.

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