A jealous woman allegedly killed her boyfriend after following him with an AirTag

Inevitably, the AirTag accessory came to be used not only to facilitate car theft, but also for absolutely criminal activities, such as pursuing and ultimately killing certain people.

Whether it’s a jealous boyfriend or girlfriend, or a killer paid to kill you, the AirTag accessory is an undisputed tool for criminals, the way Apple has neglected aspects that are not necessarily related to the stated purpose of this product (finding stolen objects ) still having the most diverse consequences.

For example, car thieves have attached AirTag devices to the cars they would like to steal, and then track their owners until they park in a location far enough away to allow the attack. More common, however, is the scenario in which AirTag devices are inserted in luggage, or sewn to clothing, making it easier to follow your life or business partner step by step, without resorting to the services of a professional or specialized monitoring devices (much more expensive and bulky).

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Inevitably, someone became obsessed with pursuing every movement of their life partner in a completely unwanted extreme, in which the step-by-step movements were a pretext for murder.

The first incident of this kind of document convincingly against Apple occurred in the American city of Indianapolis. The aggressor, aged 26, allegedly entered a bar to which she was directed with the help of AirTag, first assaulting the woman found together with her life partner, in the first phase being kicked out by the guards of the location. The man was stabbed to death several times by his assailant using his personal car, and his medical crews recorded only his death.

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Beyond the obvious intent, the use of the AirTag accessory played a decisive role in the crime, with Apple being involved in a most unpredictable lawsuit, starting with compensation for the victim’s family and up to millions of dollars in fines. respectively, a partial or total ban on the use of AirTag devices.

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